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About Us

The Big Rinkowski is a new restaurant concept from Amy Rinkowski, the owner of Tacozzini and Yolo Pizza Kitchen in Greenville, SC. This new endeavor has been on Amy’s radar for several years and has almost come to fruition a couple different times over that span. Finally, The Big Rinkowski is taking life in downtown Greenville at the USA Today #6 rated best food hall in America, Gather GVL. The Big Rinkowski’s Menu was created from growing up in New Jersey and spending countless hours on the Jersey Shore. Many of our recipes come from those early experiences. The other half of the menu comes from the experiences gained from years of travel, food exploration and visits to some of the best pubs throughout the United States and Europe.



International Influences

Our international influences include food from countries like England, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, and Germany.


Our recipes have come from tasting the authentic versions of these items and then making them our own with a little twist here and there.


For instance, we know that the Rueben Sandwich is not technically Irish, but someone should tell that to every Irish Pub in the world. Our Rueben is legendary amongst our friends, and we truly cannot wait for you to experience it.


Since Amy was born in Stuttgart, Germany, we couldn’t help but perfect an authentic German Bratwurst with mustard and sauerkraut.


The Big Rinkowski’s menu wouldn’t be complete without a dish from our Polish heritage. Our Pierogi appetizer is made with onion, cheese, and potato. This dumpling dish is a proud Polish tradition and one that we believe will blow your mind.


No matter what European fare you choose, we expect that you will love the flavors just like we do.

Ocean view

Southern New Jersey

Our other main menu influence, The Jersey Shore, is famous for many things like
beautiful beaches, Atlantic City, and wooden fishing and amusement piers jutting
out into the Atlantic Ocean. We spent countless hours walking the boardwalks of
New Jersey and our menu pays homage to those wonderful years.


No South Jersey menu would be complete without an authentic Cheesesteak. We have FIVE different versions of this classic that will surely get the Philly crowd in
Greenville talking.


We are also bringing a Jersey Shore boardwalk staple to
Greenville with our Boardwalk Sausage that includes Italian sausage, sautéed

peppers & onions, and a hint of sweet marinara. Eat this dish once and you will
feel like you are at the Feast of San Gennaro.


The final South Jersey menu item is about as authentic Jersey as you can get. We don’t care if you call it Pork Roll or Taylor Ham, as long as you come and taste what we believe to be the quintessential breakfast/lunch sandwich of the Jersey Shore.

Our owner, Amy Rinkowski, and her family are proud to bring The Big Rinkowski
to Greenville, SC and Gather GVL. Stay tuned for specials added to our menu and
feel free to order your favorites from our online ordering system.

History Behind Our Menu Items

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